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Ed Stop 1

Directory and Staff Websites

1st grade
Contact Rowena Angeles  Rowena Angeles Teacher
Contact Jordan Cummings  Jordan Cummings Teacher
Contact Helen Fong  Helen Fong Teacher
Contact Aimee Hauptman  Aimee Hauptman Teacher
Contact Helena Lee  Helena Lee Teacher
Contact Blaire Wyatt  Blaire Wyatt Teacher
Contact Kira Yoshizaki  Kira Yoshizaki Teacher
Music Specialist
Contact Suzanne Thomas  Suzanne Thomas Vocal Music
Contact Gail Trenerry  Gail Trenerry Instrumental Music
Physical Education Specialist
Contact Thomas Pearson  Thomas Pearson PE Specialist
Contact Joan Reuveni  Joan Reuveni PE Specialist
Science Specialist
Contact Gina Jenkins  Gina Jenkins Science Specialist
Contact Mayumi Macalino  Mayumi Macalino Science Specialist
Contact Eva Yee  Eva Yee Science Specialist

How to access teacher's websites

Website - Click on the teacher's name

E-mail - Click on the envelope

Contact Mimi Quan  Mimi Quan Principal
Admin TSA
Contact Christian Hicks  Christian Hicks Teacher/ Admin TSA
Support Staff/Specialist
Contact Kristen Cadigan  Kristen Cadigan Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Kim Cooke  Kim Cooke Resource Specialist
Contact Cyndi Howard  Cyndi Howard Librarian
Contact David Laufle  David Laufle Computer Support
Contact Sarah Lindblom  Sarah Lindblom Teacher
Contact Daina Penny  Daina Penny Teacher
Contact J.T. Wills  J.T. Wills School Psychologist
Office Staff
Contact Suzy Burfield  Suzy Burfield Office Assistant
Contact Nancy Kantor  Nancy Kantor Office Assistant
Contact Shannon Maser  Shannon Maser Office Assistant
Contact Lauren Troxel  Lauren Troxel Office Manager
Child Nutrition
Contact Linda Hou  Linda Hou Child Nutrition
Contact Susan Lee  Susan Lee Child Nutrition
Contact Tina Zhu  Tina Zhu Head Child Nutrition
Contact Erika Agraz  Erika Agraz Head Custodian
Contact Andy Tat  Andy Tat Custodian
Para Educators
Contact Denise Bringer  Denise Bringer Paraprofessional
Contact Lisa Ching  Lisa Ching Mandarin Aide
Contact Susan D'Emilio  Susan D'Emilio Paraprofessional
Contact Laxmi Darbare  Laxmi Darbare Paraprofessional
Contact Sheryl Day  Sheryl Day Paraprofessional
Contact Vineeta Garg  Vineeta Garg Paraprofessional
Contact Grace Hains  Grace Hains Paraprofessional
Contact Linda Lozano  Linda Lozano Paraprofessional
Contact Yamini Potdar  Yamini Potdar Paraprofessional
Contact Rajee Subramanian  Rajee Subramanian Art Coordinator