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Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Jenkins
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Mrs. Yee

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SRVUSD TK-5 Elementary Science Support

Welcome to Science 2018-2019

Quail Run Families ~

It is our pleasure to welcome you and your child to the science lab program at Quail Run Elementary School. 

Science is a very important academic experience for all students.  The Science Labs at Quail Run foster the love of learning, encourages curiosity, celebrates taking risks, emphasizes inquiry and introduces engineering design.   It is our goal as the science teachers to create a positive learning environment in which all students feel welcome, comfortable, confident and successful.  In order to attain this goal we strive to meet each student’s individual needs.  We will be working closely with your child’s regular classroom teacher by using interactive notebooks and focusing on the Engineering Design Standards from the NGSS in the science lab. We believe in setting high, but attainable, expectations for every student in order to establish student confidence in their own ability to achieve academically in science.  

We are very excited to be a part of your students' science experience this year!


Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Yee & Mrs. Macalino


Why it's time for the NGSS
Why it's time for the NGSS
Crosscutting Science Concepts
7 Crosscutting Science Concpets
Foundation of Science
Foundation of Science

Science Schedule


Classes Per Week in the Science Lab

(50 minute sessions)


1st 1 class Mrs. Macalino
2nd 1 class Mrs. Jenkins


2 classes Mrs. Jenkins & Mrs. Yee
4th 2 classes Mrs. Yee
5th 2 classes Mrs. Jenkins


Academic Areas of Study

Grade Current Academic  Standards Covered

5 Sense

Physical Science -- Waves: Sound and Light

2nd  Physical Science -- Chemical Engineering NGSS
3rd Physical Science -- Civil Engineering NGSS
4th  Physical Science  -- Electrical Engineering NGSS
5th   Physical Science -- Aerospace Engineering NGSS

NOTE:  Quail Run has fully implemented the NGSS into our classrooms and Science Labs.

Engineering Design Process
Engineering Design Process

I can statements


Wall of Wonder
Curiosity is the engine of achievement."

                                    ~ Ken Robinson

As a team we have compiled a set of "I Can" statements that show what students will be accomplishing in the Science Lab throughout the year.