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Getting to know your child's teacher...

My name is Aimee Hauptman.  This is my 13th year of teaching!  I have taught kindergarten for three years, first grade for eight years and seventh and eighth grade for a year abroad in Mexico.  I am thrilled to be working at Quail Run!  I am part of a fantastic team of teachers and staff members!  In May 2018, my husband and I welcomed our daughter into this world.  We are so thankful for our new bundle of joy!  I also love to swim and travel!

Aimee Hauptman

Quail Run Folders

The green Quail Run Folders are a way for me to communicate with the parents.  On Thursdays, the folder is sent home with papers inside.  Please look over what is found inside of the folder- it might be student work (if so, please keep it at home) or notes from the school- and return the folder empty for future notes or classwork.  Thank you in advance for your help.


Attendance is Important

Please remember school begins promptly at 8:00am.  We don’t want any of the students to be late.  If your child is absent please contact the school by:  hotline: 925-560-4058 or send an email when s/he returns letting us know who was absent and include the reason (sick, out of town, etc).

What should I do with my child at home?


*Read 15-20 minutes each day with your child and have him/her read to you!

*Practice addition and subtraction facts!

*Ask your child what he/she is learning!

*Play board games, go on walks, explore where you live!


For more information...

Please visit our First Grade website!

Weekly Specials!

PE:  Wednesdays- please send your child to school wearing appropriate shoes and a water bottle.

Science Lab:  Tuesdays

Library: Weekly