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Lynne Bertram Locker

Lynne Bertram

Upcoming Curriculum

Reader's Workshop

As we begin Reader's Workshop we will choosing characters we'd like to know as well as a friend.  We'll be thinking a lot about who they are, why they do what they do, and how they change.  You can support your student at home by reading together and talking about the character's traits, motivations and relationships.


Writer's Workshop

Writing will begin with realistic fiction.  Thinking about events and dreams from our own lives, we will create worlds where our characters can learn important lessons and pursue their dreams.  We'll be building on all we learned in 3rd grade from writing personal narratives (strong beginnings and endings, dialogue, internal dialogue) to stretch ourselves in this new genre.



We start the year grounding our work in place value concepts.  We're exploring the base ten system and how it got its name.  We'll also be reviewing how to compare numbers, add and subtract numbers up to one million, and write numbers in standard form, expanded form and word form. 



Energy is the first concept we will be exploring in Science this year.  We'll be looking at sources of energy and transfer of energy through experiments with toy cars and circuit building.

Current Assignments