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I love inspirational quotes and this is one of my favorites! Even though it is only my first year at Quail, I can tell that our community practices the meaning of this quote. Our staff is very supportive and all of your teachers (including me!) care about your distance learning so much! Even though PE will look different to start off the year, we will still be able to grow and learn as a team and a family! I am so excited to meet all of you and to hear how you like to be active and move your bodies! 

Erin Halonen

Welcome quails! I'm Coach halonen and i'm so excited to meet you!

Hello Quails! I am Erin Halonen and this is my 19th year teaching and my 6th year teaching PE! I taught PE at Tassajara Hills for 5 years and last year, I was so grateful to have the opportunity to take the year off to travel and learn! Now, that I'm back, I am so excited to continue the amazing PE program that Mrs. Reuveni developed. How awesome is she? Besides teaching PE, I love to dance, take my new puppy to the dog park, cuddle with my cat, listen to books on audible while I'm driving or walking, watch baseball games, write with sidewalk chalk and be silly! You know what's really cool? When I run into my former students, they tell me what they are up to now that they are "grown up" and then, they tell me about a time they remember from when I was their teacher! My goal is that you will be yourself in PE and find an activity that you will love to do for your entire life! 


Week of August 24-28th

1st and 2nd grades - dancing and catching and connection 

3rd, 4th and 5th grades - dancing and fitness and connection

See your Seesaw or Google Classroom for more details.